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Chaplain. Marisa Estrella

Founder /President

Hi, I´m Chaplain Marisa Estrella, I  served in the US Army since 1997, like Chaplain Assistant, where I served two tours of duty and I was honorably discharged in November 2006.  I  know first-hand the challenges our military men and women face returning to civilian life.  My life is focused in to help our veterans homeless or at risk to become one, giving them all attention they need. My goal is to achieve they have a better and a dignified life


About us

Worldwide Veteran and Family Services, Inc. (WVFS), a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit,  public charity organization, strives to fulfill our mission to empower veterans by providing an array of services for veterans as emergency funds, job training and placement, counseling, referrals, transitional and permanent supportive housing for homeless veterans, with or without family or at risk of becoming homeless, in the New York Metropolitan Area, specifically in Bronx, NY. 

I, Chaplain Marisa Estrella, President/Founder of Worldwide Veteran and Family Services, Inc. (WVFS), desire to help others and the understanding of the multidimensional plight of our veterans propelled me to establish this organization. Ending homelessness and poverty among veterans requires rapidly connecting veterans in need with housing and government benefits. Worldwide Veteran and Family Services, Inc. (WVFS), pledges a total commitment to providing comprehensive outreach services and referrals in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs, HUD- VASH, NYCHA, DOL, NYHRA, and various other City Agencies.

We will foster a strong peer community through a veterans-helping-veterans approach, mentorship, and broad support to all veterans


Worldwide Veteran and Family Services, Inc. operates according to the philosophy that veterans have earned the respect and gratitude of our nation and in return, shall be provided with whatever services they need. Our philosophy is summed up with the phrase:
“They were there when we needed them. We must be there now that they need us”.


Our goal is to help them heal the wounds; restore dignity, hope, and self-sufficiency to significantly reduce homelessness and poverty among them. As well as to reduce the suicides among veterans through quality health assistance and emotional support.

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Our Values

Worldwide Veteran and Family Services, Inc. pledges the total commitment of its resources to veterans and their families, by providing:
• Direct services or referrals to all veterans and/or their families who request assistance.
• A tireless effort to find housing, both transitional and permanent, to homeless veterans and those at risk of being homeless.
•Job enhancement skills, job search skills, and individually advanced training for improved employment opportunities.
•Advocacy on a local, state and national level to help address the needs of the veteran population.
•Reminders to our country’s civilian members of the sacrifices that veterans have made so that all could live free.

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